C5 Solid Manure Spreaders

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Alberta Built Jumbo Manure Spreader

Standard Features

  • - NSM Certified
  • - HD Suspension
  • - HD Tow Hooks
  • - Full Fenders
  • - LED Lights
  • - Dual Drive
  • - Floor Chain Tensioners
  • - Digital Controls
  • - End Dump Compatible Wet kit


  • - Floating Tires
  • - Length
  • - Beater
  • - Silage Package

Apron Tensioner

Heavy duty apron chain tensioner. Optional to have spring loaded for lower maintenance on the spreader.

Bolster Plate

Heavy duty bolt on bolster plate. Allows for easier replacement once the kingpin, or the bolster plate is out of tolerance and needs to be replaced or repaired.


Well designed chassis for strength, and durability. The center runner acts as a torque tube, while still allowing the hydraulic hoses to be protected from any falling debris.


A central ladder is located on each side of the trailer, with a extra step on the inside of the wall. The drop down ladder provides easy access to climb up the trailer, and slides underneath the trailer for storage.