PATZ 2400 Series II Twin Screw Truckmount

The proof is in the mix! Mixing performance you can count on - Now in a Truck Mount 810-1270 Cu Ft Mixing Capacities
  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size.
  • Incorporate a wider variety of ingredients, including round or square bales, wet or dry!
  • Multi-Angle Top Vortex® Screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality, resulting in a palatable, well blended ration minimizes sorting by livestock.
  • Scale system accurately measures ingredients per your nutritionist’s recipe for optimum herd health and production.
  • Fast discharge with superior cleanout.
  • Minimize feed waste – stretch your ingredients further!
  • Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble free operation.
  • VORTEX® SCREW. Vortex® Screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality. Constructed of welded steel with 5/8" cupped flighting. Choice of multi-angle or cone top design. Pre-drilled to accept knives.
  • RESTRICTORS. Restrictors/bale grippers are located on front left and right rear of tub. Adjust in or out as desired to control the flow of forages inside. Longer forages can be processed faster by setting restrictors farther in.
  • TUB MOUNTED MAGNET*. Encased in stainless steel, this magnet is strong enough to pull tramp metal from the ration while mixing. Mounted into the Patz vertical Mixer tub wall, the hinged assembly is designed for safe removal of tramp metal. Exclusive to Patz – only to be installed on Patz Vertical Mixers. Factory and field installation is available on ALL Patz Stationary, Trailer, and Truck Mount Vertical Mixers. *Patented
  • RAPTOR™ KNIVES. Engineered to complement our standard knives, the Patented RAPTOR™ knife features a forward-facing design to dig in, hook, & cut bales faster and more aggressively. Built to last with AR steel, the RAPTOR™ knife is ideal for high-hay rations including large round or square bales and/or baleage. RAPTOR™ knives should be used in the first two or three slots from the top of the screw down, depending on knife formation. Available for all Patz Vertical Mixer Series. Choice of five knife sizes. Contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer for details.
  • REAR COMMODITY DOOR. Pre-mix commodities once and empty into a storage bin. Back mixer into narrow spaces for emptying. Streamline the mixing process to allow more time for other tasks.
  • ELECTRONIC SCALES AND EXTENSION ARM. Increase your profits by accurately weighing feed ingredients with a dinamica generale®, Weigh-Tronix® or Digi-Star® scale. Easy-to-use, programmable electronic scales allow precise formulations. Basic read-up, read-down models and batching models with memory for different menus are available. A signal light or a signal buzzer indicates when desired weight is loaded. Remote display and a controller to zero the scale from a remote location are also available. Include manufacturer's 3-year warranty. Optional indicator extension arm improves viewing when loading from right or left side by extending the indicator an additional 15" from viewing platform.
  • SENSOR-ACTIVATED HOUR METER. Monitors machine run time (not road travel time) for preventive maintenance purposes.
  • RUBBER SIDE EXTENSIONS. 9-1/4" high and add additional mixing capacity.
  • CAMERA PACKAGE. View rear of mixer from tractor cab while backing up or discharging feed from optional rear commodity door. Includes 7" LCD monitor and weatherproof, shock-resistant infrared camera for night vision.
  • HAY RETAINER. Helps guide dry hay inside tub during mixing. Choice of chain or pipe.