• The NIR On Board kit performs real time analysis of dry matter and nutrients on both forage harvesters and combines during harvesting.
  • The NIR analyzer is installed on the tube where the material is continuously floating.
  • Data are readable in real time on the display installed in the cabin and transferred wirelessly to the Field Trace Software in Cloud.


  • Real time analysis with indication of average DM for each field/truck.
  • Estimate the yield also on the basis of nutrient content of harvested material.
  • Increase the profit negotiating the price by quality and not only by quantity.
  • Controlling removal of nutrients from fields during harvesting enables to plan ahead specific actions (e.g. fertigation).
  • Measure the value of starch contained in the harvested material enables making a prediction of gas production for biogas plants.


  • Multilanguage menu and user messages.
  • The user can set Customer, Farm and Field before analysis.
  • Ingredient management.
  • Operators’ control.
  • 3G wireless data transfer exchange information from the FIELD Trace Cloud Software to the NIR On Board indicator and vice-versa.
  • Trace all activities carried out in field:
  • NIR technology together with GPS grids permits to characterize a field more accurately. (granularity concept)
  • The results of NIR analysis are essental to prescribe the variable-rate application to apply seed, fertilizer, insecticide etc…

FEEDScan-FM mounted on the scraper of self-propelled feed mixers

Technical Data