Dinamica Generale, NIR Evolution


  • NIR EVOLUTION is a cloud software for NIR analyzers’ update, control and calibration management.


  • Quick and safe access to new calibration update, NIR Evolution ensures that your instruments is using the latest calibration updates. This means better prediction accuracy and greater effectiveness from your time on-farm.
  • Reliable predictions, NIR Evolution enables you to improve prediction performance of your NIR device. This constant monitoring and prediction improvement increases the performance of your daily analysis.
  • Save time and money, By gaining control over sampling and predictions, feeding analysis becomes more efficient. This means no more time-consuming for lab analysis, no more lost documents.
  • To keep accurate analyses over time NIR Evolution is the essential tool. Dinamica Generale strongly suggests to update calibration curves once a year. To use the NIR Evolution software a web connection is required.
  • NIR Evolution access is included in the Service Contract of your NIR device. A 12 months Service Contract is included within the purchase of every Dinamica Generale’s NIR solution.


  • Initial verification of your NIR device.
  • Keeping your NIR analyzer always up-to-date (update of calibrations and firmware).
  • Alignment between NIR analyzer and test lab to always perform accurate analysis.
  • Manage machines and customers (according to users’ type).
  • Smartphone and tablet compatibility.
  • Keep under control changes in forage quality over time thanks to statistics and reports on historical data.