• Universal and programmable weighing indicator to manage the data exchange between the scale and other devices. Thanks to its high technology, it is especially indicated for the interface with external intelligent equipments.

Features & Advantages

  • WiNET port standard for connection of ALL wireless accessories
  • All menus in local language and user interface with softkeys
  • Automatic start of the set mixing time
  • Recipe management with components managed in Kg/Pound or by %
  • Pen management with Recipe association and day rations setting
  • Batch management to optimize the preparation of a single Recipe for all pens fed with it
  • Automatic scheduling of loading and distribution for stationary mixers/application
  • Refused management by pen
  • Premix Management
  • Full and automatic control of working time and cost from the start of the Recipe preparation to the feedout of the material to each pen
  • Management of the batch amounts directly on the scale by total or % for immediate adjustments
  • Creation of batches directly from the scale
  • Users and operators management
  • Full integration on dg precisionFEEDINGTM
  • Full compatibility with PC Software “DTM Suite IC” (not mandatory)
  • Data communication with PC Software by WI-FI or GPRS
  • Full compatibility with “distribution tracking” accessory to trace what has really been fed to each pen.
  • Available versions: UNIVERSAL BOX or SLIM BOX
  • Indicator available in the SLIM BOX version with the data transfer management via USB stick.

DG8000-IC Offers

  • 48 Recipes each having max 24 Components
  • 96 pens having each maximum 16 daily rations (import from DTM-IC)
  • Choice of the Component from a list of 100 (import from DTM-IC)
  • 64 batch each having max 48 Pens (import from DTM-IC)
  • Accessories connection
  • It can be connected to all load cell models.