• Universal and programmable weighing indicator to manage the data exchange between the scale and other devices. Thanks to its high technology, it is especially indicated for the interface with external intelligent equipments.

Features & Advantages

  • WiNETTM port standard for connection of ALL wireless accessories
  • All menus in local language and user interface with softkeys
  • Multilanguage management of the operator messages having languages with special characters
  • Automatic start of the Mixing Timer Control at the load end for the best TMR
  • DTM Suite compatible
  • Recipe/Unloading program can be set by total weight or by number of cows
  • Management of components/unloading points (Pens) can be done by weight, number of cows or by %
  • The change of the total weight, or the number of cows or the % can be set before the start of the execution
  • The real TMR weight can be set, before the unloading and therefore there is an automatic redistribution of the weight for each pen
  • Management of the working session with a relationship between recipes and unloading programs, so as to avoid operator mistakes as well as to control working time and costs
  • Available versions: UNIVERSAL BOX or SLIM BOX
  • Indicator available in the SLIM BOX version with the data transfer management via USB stick.

DG8000 Offers

  • 100 Recipes having 24 components each
  • Choice of the component from a list of 100
  • 100 unloading programs having 48 unloading points (pens) each
  • Choice of the unloading point (pen) from a list of 64.