• Universal and programmable weighing indicator having Recipes, Distribution programs and data storage.

Features & Advantages

  • All the features of DG400 and DG500
  • WiNETTM port standard for connection of ALL wireless accessories
  • Double LCD display that allows a better user interface with clear operator messages
  • Multilanguage management of the operator messages (see the table on technical sheet)
  • Mixing Timer Control at the load end for the best TMR
  • Component accumulation data is recorded internally
  • 2 specific menus for Recipes and Distribution programs
  • DTM Suite compatible (DTM Advanced recommended)
  • Recipe, Distribution program can be set by total weight or by number of cows
  • The Change of the TOTAL WEIGHT or the NUMBER OF COWS can be set before the start of the execution, so as to have a program that is always lined up with the needs of the animal
  • Upper Display: 6 digit LCD 45 mm to show the weight
  • Lower Display: number of digit variable in function of characters visualized many rows
  • Indicator equipped with internal diagnostics for the functions control (display, load cells signals, buttons)
  • Service Menu that allows you to display the operating hours counter
  • Mixer wagon overloads counter.
  • Available versions: UNIVERSAL BOX or SLIM BOX
  • Indicator available in the SLIM BOX version with the data transfer management via USB stick.

DG600 Offers

  • 99 Recipes each having max 24 Components
  • 48 Distribution programs each having 48 Distribution points (pens)
  • Choice of the Component from a list of 99
  • Choice of Distribution point (pens) from a list of 64
  • Accessories connection
  • It can be connected to all load cell models.