DG-Data Exchange IPCOM


  • Supplementary unit that links Dinamica Generale indicators with the DTMTM Software on a PC network.
  • Based on the Ethernet interface (IP address communication protocol) and WiFi connection.


  • Secure yet reliable data processing with real time wireless communication.
  • Improved efficiency for large farms and companies that work with different machineries.
  • Enhanced communication performance (up to 1 km range).
  • Increased time savings for routine data exchange operations.


  • Open connectivity with real time wireless communication among Dinamica Generale devices.
  • IPcomTM proprietary interface developed by Dinamica Generale provides standard Wi-Fi access point.
  • IPcomTM includes a WiFi modem (100 m range) and the Ethernet port to connect the Dinamica Generale WiFi Antenna that covers up to 1 Km range (0.6 miles).
  • Direct connection to the DG600 Slim Case, DG8000 and DG8000-IC.

Technical Data