RF DataLink


  • RF DataLink software automatically manages the transfer of your feeding information. System utilizes 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz base radio to transfer data. Perfect for operations with two or more mixers and operations using stationary mixers or batch boxes. Communications range up to one mile, depending on location.


  • RF DataLink software continuously looks for pen-fed data and feeding vehicle readiness to receive the next ration and/or pen feeding information.
  • Monitor scale indicator from your PC with full key control.
  • Send text messages from your PC to the scale indicator display.


  • Load by Load – send predetermined loads to specific pens one load at a time, or send all loads to trucks.
  • List Mode – Send all ingredients, all recipes, and all pens to trucks. You select which ration, volume, and pens to feed.
  • Bunk Reader – DataLink accepts recipes, loads and pens to feed from 3rd party Bunk Reader software and sends to trucks.
  • Sort loads by various recipe and mixer combinations; even create delivery zones per truck.
  • Recipe loading efficiency – load half ingredients in stationary mixer, half in mixer truck at the same time, reducing loading times.
  • Flexible; multiple feeding process options.
  • Multi-languages.
  • Auto start program.
  • Manage load-by-load ingredient loading and pen feeding information.
  • Send all pen feeding data - operator manages pen feeding.
  • Manage ingredient data to stationary mixer or batch box.
  • Send pen list to delivery Truck.
  • Links to 3rd party Bunk Read software.