Handheld Moisture Tracker


  • The Moisture Tracker is a hand-held, Near-Infra-Red (NIR) scanning device, which rapidly measures the dry matter and moisture content of animal feeds.
  • The key innovation of the Moisture Tracker is providing Near-Infra-Red (NIR) scanning technology, which was previously only available using costly semi-portable or stationary apparatus, into an affordable, simple to use, hand-held device.


  • The Moisture Tracker scans are accurate approximately within 1-2 %.
  • The challenge of variability within the feedstuffs is overcome with the ease in which numerous scans are taken to provide a representative sample reading.
  • A growing range of calibrations. The Moisture Tracker has been introduced with the capability to work with the most common livestock forages such as corn silage, haylage, ground high moisture corn, and others.
  • Additional calibrations will be provided as they are created for a growing and diverse list of crops and by-products.
  • To simplify use you can program the device with only the feedstuffs used on your farm. New feeds can be added, or old feeds removed, at any time.
  • Calibrations provided by Rock River Labs, one of the most preeminent forage analysis labs with locations in Wisconsin and California, to ensure the accuracy of the Moisture Tracker.
  • Users of Digi-Star's TMR Tracker software will be able to work directly with the Moisture Tracker.
  • Access to updated feedstuffs and calibrations available 24/7 via the Web.


  • The Moisture Tracker uses a USB Stick to upload the feeds and forages that are to be measured and to download recordings of the measurements that have been made.
  • The Moisture Tracker system comes with both a 120V wall charger and a 12 volt DC power charger for increased versatility.
  • A normal battery charge will provide the capacity for 50 to 100 readings or 2-4 hours of continuous use, depending on temperature. Reduced performance is to be expected as temperature decreases.
  • The Moisture Tracker can remain indefinitely on the charger as overcharge protection is provided.
  • Free 24/7 Tech and Help Support.