EZ 3410


  • The EZ 3410 is part of the Digi-Star 10 series indicators releasing in 2016. It replaces the the EZ 3400VL.
  • All of the new 10 series indicators come with a faster micro processor and the easy to read white back light.

Features & Advantages

  • Build a number of recipes for multiple pens.
  • Utilize basic recipe and batching capabilities.
  • Eliminates the need for feed sheets.
  • Enter rations by three different methods:
  • Amount per animal, Percent per load or Amount per load.
  • Move the cursor logically through setup screens and menus.
  • Simply edit existing recipes or add new recipes/rations.
  • Toggling capability allows user to change modes (Net/Gross/Load/Unload).
  • Access a definable Ingredient Name Table.
  • User can choose from 1 ingredient with 98 pens to 98 ingredients for 1 pen, with any combination in between.

EZ 3410 Offers

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