Digi-Star Moisture Tracker


  • Moisture Tracker Software is part of The Moisture Tracker system. It is used to provide dairy and beef farm managers with nearly instantaneous measurement and recordings of the moisture and dry matter content of animal forage and feeds.


  • The Moisture Tracker PC Utility software package is used to setup the Moisture Tracker hand-held device to match the feeds and forages used on any given farm and to collect, view, and store recorded measurements.
  • Users of Digi-Star's TMR Tracker software will be able to work directly with the Moisture Tracker.
  • A current version of TMR Tracker for users of the Moisture Tracker will incorporate the Moisture Tracker Software.
  • Users of the Moisture Tracker with other feed management software packages can utilize the Moisture Tracker software to produce a file which can be imported by most feed management packages.