• The Model 640M is a "Miniature" general purpose indicator which provides simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing used on mixers, grain carts (grain chasers), livestock scales, feed bins, weigh carts and many more applications. The small, compact indicator design makes it ideal for places like truck and tractor cabs where space is limited (size: 5.5"H x 7.25"W x 3.25" D).

Features & Advantages

  • Simple Operation - ZERO key zeros the scale, PRINT key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module (TDM-40).
  • Gross/Tare/Net - G/N key allows viewing of either gross or net weights. TARE key is useful for temporary “zeroing” of the scale.
  • Motion Filtering - Enhanced dual "harmonizer" filtering settles down weight display for easy viewing. Ideal for filtering excess motion on mixers and livestock applications.
  • Memory Accumulators - 100 six-character alpha-numeric accumulator channels. Useful in identifying fields, seed type, livestock groups or amounts of recipes batched and or fed.

640M Offers

  • Internal Battery – AWT05-505938 features internal rechargable lith-ion battery. Ideal for use on portable scales or scales used in remote locations.
  • Printers – CP-103 compact thermal printer available.
  • RS-232 Port – Bi-directional serial port with battery backed time & date. Multiple printouts available for transfer to printer/ computer or Transfer Data System.
  • RD40/XL Port – Allows interface to RD40 (1.1 inch) or RD40XL (2.0 inch) remote displays. RD40XL display offers optional XM64 wireless handheld transmitter for remote control of Tare & G/N keys on the 640M.
  • RF Option – Provides a complete WIRELESS control via the RD40RF, with weight display and all key functions of the 640M. Ideal use for front end loaders, or feed rooms allowing user remote control.
  • TDM-40 – Transfer Data Module with TDS-40 computer Transfer Data Software.
  • LCD Remote Displays – RD40 (1.1 inch ) RD40XL (2.0 inch).
  • Wireless Remote Display – RD40RF (1.1 inch wireless).
  • LED Scoreboard Remote Displays – XLR-6 2” 8 character LED or XLR-8 3.5” 8 character LED.
  • Connectors – Available with 3 weigh cell connector options 1. Single 5 pin AWT connector, 2. Two 5 pin AWT connectors and 3. Single 4-pin Amp connector.