• The Models 1040XL is a full-featured indicator that simplify batching and help manage feed costs. The 1040XL features a large, 2 inch display.

Features & Advantages

  • Automatic Ration Adjustment - Allows user to spell out names or assign numbers for ingredients, rations and pens.
  • Alpha-Numeric Keypad & Display - Allows user to spell out names or assign numbers for ingredients, rations and pens.
  • Flexible Programming - Gives choice of entering recipes by percentage, amount per ingredient or amount per animal.
  • Accumulators - Provides usage history of individual ingredients, recipes and pens for inventory management.

1040XL Offers

  • RD64/RD64XL Remote Displays – extra-large 2.0” LCD display (RD64XL) or 1.1” (RD64) is easy-to-read with fiberoptic backlight, day or night.
  • Door Open Input – Connect to door sensor to identify when feed mixer door is open.
  • XM64 Transmitter/Receiver – allows wireless remote control of tare, gross/net, or ingredient advance when away from the indicator. Available with 1040/1040XL indicator or RD64/RD64XL remote display.
  • RD64M Remote Display – compact unit ideal for mirror mounting or other limited space.
  • RD40-RF Remote Display – wireless unit communicates via RF to allow placement inside loader cab for ultimate viewing convenience.
  • RF Transfer – allows wireless interface to RD40-RF remote display or wireless transfer of RS-232 port.
  • Speed Sensor Input – monitors mixer speed and automatically adjusts mix time.
  • Transfer Data System – consists of a memory module (TDM-40) and PC software package (TDS-1040) for simple means of uploading/downloading information between PC and indicator. Changes to recipe/pen requirements are easily transferred to indicator and completed batch records/pen feedings are easily transferred to PC.
  • Feed Management Software – interfaces to several industry standard feed management software packages.