Solids-liquid separation is the solution for transportation, storage, odor, biosecurity, and bedding.
  • The odorless bedding material (≤35% dry matter) is easy to shovel, store, and convey.
  • Land apply or sell extra, unused solids.
  • Extend liquid storage by removing solids.
  • Odor reduced separated liquid can be spread, mixed, pumped, and stored with no crusting.
  • Process material when you want/need.
  • Herd size flexibility with current footprint.

  • SUPPORT FRAME, Hot-dip galvanized steel open frame support allows for pipe connection flexibility beneath separator.
  • SCREEN, The heavy duty wedge wire dewatering screen’s stainless steel construction produces high strength and extended service life suitable for manure solids-liquid separation. SEPCOM™ bedding separators feature the largest dewatering screen surface area on the market. Producing separated solids with a ≤35% dry matter. A wide selection of screen sizes are available.
  • INTERNAL SCREEN AND COLLECTING UNIT, Solids are further separated about 3-5% more due to the internal screen and collecting unit (located at the end of the unit). The remaining separated liquid is sent out the final liquid outlet.
  • SCREW, Wear-resistant heavy duty stainless steel screw.
  • DIAPHRAGM, Stainless steel reinforced diaphragm outlet applies self-adjusting counter-pressure producing dryer consistent solids. Patented in various countries.
  • MOTOR, Your choice of motors, ask your Patz Dealer for details.
  • LOADING HOPPER, Stainless steel loading hopper resists rust for long service life.