Designed with your operation in mind, the IntelliChain® Alley Scraper system has the brawn and the brains needed to keep your herd clean 24/7/365!
  • UL/cUL certified SmartSense® learning system constantly adjusts to weather, bedding, and manure changes while recalculating the amount of torque needed to pull to the drop point.
  • Energy-efficient planetary gearbox driven by single ¾-hp motor!
  • Narrow, space-saving drive unit design provides ultimate layout flexibility.
  • Slider sleds available for layouts with alleys of unequal lengths up to 1,000 ft. (305 m) total circuit.
  • On-floor or recessed chain installation available—easily installs in existing or new barns!
  • Low maintenance!
  • SENSOR CONTROL, Sensor disc and proximity sensors work in conjunction to provide the SmartSense® Control Panel necessary information to keep track of the scraper’s position and direction.
  • LOW-PROFILE CORNER WHEEL, 12” (305 mm) nominal diameter welded plate steel corner wheels feature a low-profile design. 2” (51 mm) diameter hardened axle and nylon sleeve bearings provide low maintenance and long life.
  • POCKET SPROCKET, Pocket sprocket cradles the chain, effectively driving it in forward or reverse. Connected to the reducer with a tapered bushing, the pocket sprocket is easy to replace (sprockets available in four different colored stages for easy identification).
  • DRIVE UNIT CONFIGURATIONS OPTIONS, Drive unit corner wheels can be placed in straight, corner, parallel, or offset mounting formations for layout flexibility and space savings. Steel housing encloses through-hardened drive unit corner wheels for safety and protection. Corner wheels feature nylon bushings for longer life.
  • FOLDING V SCRAPERS, Wings fold together on reverse travel, allowing material to pass around scraper. Lower profile than angled tip-up scrapers. Suitable for alleys with widths from 64 to 174 inches (1.6-4.4 m).
  • VERSA FOLDING V SCRAPER, This versatile, low-profile scraper is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 foot sizes to clean alleys with widths from 64 to 174 inches. Choose from three economical, replaceable blade edges: AR400 steel, rubber, or urethane.
  • FOLDING ANGLED TIP-UP SCRAPERS, Wings pivot to follow wall tightly for better cleaning; blades tip up and wings pivot inward on reverse movement. Choose from standard or short sled lengths. Suitable for alleys with widths from 84 to 192 inches (2.1-4.9 m).
  • CHOICE OF SLEDS, Standard or short sleds available for on-floor and recessed chain installations. Standard 56 1/2" (1,435 mm) sleds provide better scraper stability, while 36 1/2" (927 mm) sleds are available where a shorter sled is required. Slider sleds allow chain to pass through for installations with unequal alley lengths.
  • FOR RUBBER FLOORING, Hard nylon rollers located on sled ends and scraper arms position the scraper above the rubber covered alleys, ensuring only rubber blades touch rubber flooring.