Color Lighting


  • No mercury, UV and IR rays.
  • Less Co2 emission.
  • Less heat generated.
  • Up to 80% energy saving.
  • Up to 30 times longer lifetime than fluorescent lamp tube.

Each light comes with:

  • Two heavy duty metal mounting clips
  • One short connector for joining lights
  • One 12" flexible jumper cord for joining at a distance or corners
  • One 12" Starter cord for powering the first light of a row (Up to 14 lights per row)
  • One end plug for capping off the end light of a row


Return on investment:

  • - Your costly CSA specs/approval always stays valid as these lights are their own fixture. If you modify your existing flourecent fixture with a ballast you will lose your CSA Rating.
  • - Generally one 4' unit is used to light 50 sqFt
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