Green FreeStall

The animals do not hurt themselves when getting up or down, the stalls are flexible. Allows more head movement for cows, less injuries. Highly recommended for maximum cow comfort. Fully adjustable flexible freestall encourages cows to lie down longer, rest periods increases milk production.
  • Isolate tingle voltage.
  • Less lumps & hair loss.
  • Bends with cow.
  • Will not punish larger cows.
  • Still is an index barrier.
  • Pipe is able to move forward & backward, up & down.
Users of the GreenFreeStall Say:
  • The cows lie straighter in the free stalls.
  • The cows lie more relaxed.
  • The bedding consumption is reduced by almost half.
  • No more damage on the udder since we've installed Greenfreestall.
  • No more problems with the hollow of the knees.
  • Better resting comfort, longer resting time, higher milk production, more space for the head of the cow.