Rotary Mowers

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This rotary mower have been know as one of the heaviest rough cut rotary mowers available on the market.
  • Available in 72” & 84" cutting width models. Ideal for clearing grass, weeds and light brush around the property.
  • All welded, heavy duty construction.
  • Includes a third link that will help follow the contour of your property for all your farm grass maintenance.
  • Heavy duty gearbox with a slip clutch PTO.
  • Uplift blades for a more consistent cut.
  • Features:
  • Heavy Duty Frame One of the heaviest built frames on the market.
  • Heavy Gearbox Durable enough to handle years of operation.
  • Adjustable Tail Wheel to raise and lower to adjust the length of cut.
  • Laminated Wheel for long lasting operation that will never go flat.
  • Uplift Blade Raises grass blades up for a more consistent cut.
  • A slip clutch PTO to protect the driveline.
  • Many paint colours available to suit your tractor.