Crash Barrier Mower

The crash barrier mower is particularly suitable for verge management next to roads and motorways. It can mow around obstacles and under crash barriers with ease, automatically dodging the posts. In order to be able to work in each slewing angle the crash barrier mower is standard equipped with a hydraulic rotation head 180˚ by means of a worm gear turntable. Optionally, the crash barrier mower can be equipped with a collecting unit with hoses, so you can mow the vegetation and remove it simultaneously. Each boom is attached with a pivoting cutting ditch and a protective cover. Situated under the protective cover are two sets of blades, these blades are driven by a hydraulic motor. To prevent damage the blades are pin supported and can therefore spin away from any obstacle. The rapidly rotating blades mow the vegetation and simultaneously discharge the clippings into the discharge chute at the rear of the mower.